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Knockout Bounty Tournament

Get ready to knockout your family and friends in an exciting game of poker in the best casino in Sacramento! Capitol Casino in Sacramento now offers Texas Hold’em Poker Knockout Bounty Tournaments!

Participating in Knockout Bounty Tournaments at the Capitol Casino in Sacramento is very fun, very challenging, and very rewarding. If you’re new to poker, then a good Knockout Bounty Tournament can be very good start for you, and can lead to rewards when you win a game.

Knockout Bounty is a little different from regular poker tournaments; you dedicate a portion of the buy into a player’s bounty. When you are able to knock a person out of the game, then you can collect that bounty. This bounty may not be that much but if you are able to collect lots of bounties, it can help you recover the cost of buying in. Also, in a knockout bounty tournament, you are allowed to play with higher stakes while not exceeding bankroll standards. You could earn a lot of money if you can collect a lot of bounties.

If you are a new player, or if you are on a limited bankroll standard, this is a good way for you to make your games. As you knock out a player, you get paid $50 bounty immediately.

For Capitol Sacramento Casino, the Knockout Bounty tournament has no limit, and it can be played every third Saturday of the month. A game of knockout bounty buy-in of Capitol Casino will cost you $150. You can make a lot more if and when you knock out all your opponents.

Hold’ em bounties and rake them in as you win in every tournament! The best Sacramento casino is Capitol Casino! Knock ’em all out!